The Do's and Don'ts of Runescape Gold

What it really amounted to when I looked at OSRS gold, performed it and saw what was entailed... was that ability was nothing more than a"skill" put into place so as to give all the obsessive/compulsives something to do after they'd done everything else to do under the RS sunlight.

Would you say... degree 120 anybody?!? I knew you could! The fear at the time was that level 120 was likely to become the new standard for many skills but for those of us that were sane and exercised common sense logic, we saw nothing more than the empty shell with a fantastic paint job.

Let us face it... mindless clicking to level up some abilities to 99 was already bad enough but if you wanted it then that's exactly what you did. Besides getting some items to show off such as capes and the like... titles... yada-yada-yada... being on the top page of this hi-scores table... or on the individual skills tables meant you're"the top" and ought to be worshipped.

Or be highly considered. Adults knew it buy Runescape gold was just hours of your real life spent in a match clicking away ad nauseam. Anyone remember Zezima worship? I sure as hell do and that I still hate that man's name after all these years! A small army of followers a fall-fall-following him anyplace. OMG occasions three!! Receive a life nooblets!
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